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Why I switched back to Wordpress - even if I always said I hated it

2 min read

Today on -wordpress, I've been asked why, given my technical background, I did not used some of the Ruby based solution to jump in and try the Indieweb principles.

As a reminder, I (re)discovered Indieweb and POSSE a few days ago now, and even if I've been using Ruby and Rails as my main languages for almost a decade now, I choose to setup a new Wordpress blog to play around with it.

There are a few reasons for this :

  1. Setting up a Wordpress was a one-click task with my current host (, thanks for asking)
  2. I read along the Indieweb wiki for a few days, gathering information about how it is supposed to be done, and why everyone should have their own website. In the wiki, most of the tutorials were Wordpress based and it seems to me like a good place to start. To be completely honest I did not even noticed there was a Ruby page.
  3. Even if I do not like Wordpress, I have to admit that the community around it is huge, thus, more chance to find every plugin I would need to setup my new home on the Internet
  4. I never said I'd stick with Wordpress. More likely I am going to play around with it for a few, then find my way back home with a Ruby on Rails solution.