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i3wm - Displaying Slack incoming call floating window in the current workspace

1 min read

Since I discovered i3wm (and tilling managers in general) a few months ago, i felt in love with it and I wouldn't get back to any other desktop manager.

However, since I switched to i3wm, then number of missed incoming Slack calls started to increase, mostly because :

  • Sound is muted by default on my workstation
  • Slack incoming call window was displayed on the workspace Slack is running

Thanks to Reddit, I found a solution to force this window to pop on the current workspace (the one i'm working on at any given time) instead of staying it the workspace where Slack is running.

Here's the line to add to your i3 config file :

for_window [class="Slack" floating] move container to workspace current

Source : Recommended way of handling Slack calls? on r/i3wm