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Migrating photos from iCloud / iPhone to Nextcloud - part 1

2 min read

Today I finally decided to give Nextcloud a try. I want to free myself out of iCloud / Google Photos / Amazon Photos and the like, so after I installed Nextcloud on a brand new digitalocean droplet, it was time for the great migration.

At first I tried to sync all my photos with my Nextcloud instance straight from the Nextcloud's iPhone App but I bumped into a few issues :

  • The app was detecting some 13k photos - whereas the Photo app on my phone claims 7.6k
  • The app was crashing every so often
  • After a few crashes, I had to log back in, and redo the whole process from the start

No need to mentionned it bored me quite quickly, so I decide to look for another solution and cutting the process in half : first getting my photos back from iCloud, then sending them to Nextcloud.

I quickly discovered a tool just for that : icloud-photos-downloader/icloud_photos_downloader

Sadly at the time of writing, the tool is not compatible with the stable version of python (3.10.x).

I installed python38 via the AUR and thanks to this comment, I was able to run the tool to download all my photo off iCloud

yay -S python38
virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python3.8 .venv .venv/bin/pip install icloudpd .venv/bin/icloudpd --directory ./Photos \ --username \ --password pass1234 \