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Coronalert, l'application de tracing contre le COVID-19, est maintenant disponible!

1 min read

Traduction (partielle) du post de u/Cmac0801 sur r/belgium :'application de tracing de notre pays est maintenant disponible sur l'App Store et sur le Google Play Store (ndt : la version iOS requiert iOS 13.6 ou supérieure)iOSAndroidCode source sur github: plus dinformation sur l'app, rendez vous sur le site Coronalert : vous voulez une explication simple de comment le protocole fonctionne vous pouvez jetter un oeil a ce petit comic!

Join us on r/wallonia - Rejoignez-nous sur r/wallonia

1 min read

The french speaking community of Belgium is active on r/wallonia. Come and join the party!La communauté francophone de Belgique est active sur r/wallonia. Venez rejoindre la fête!

r/Vlaanderen and r/Wallonia subscribers over time

1 min read : Ik spreek geen nederlands, sorry :) (this sentence has been written without the help of Google Translate though)Following this comment (évolution_du_nombre_dinscrits_sur_rwallonia/ftdu1...) on r/Wallonia I wanted to compare the evolution of the two subs in terms of subscribers.January 2019 marks the announcement of the opening of r/Wallonia on r/Belgium and we can notice that the two subs had a huge bump in the following days.We can clearly see an inflexion point on r/Wallonia around mid-March, 2020 (covid-19 lockdown). It does not seem that r/Vlaanderen followed the same path.The lines crossed on April 6, 2020, at around 1545 subscribers on both subs.Source : made with (sadly i'm not able to save and share the raw chart since have an issue and I can't create an account right now)