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Uniquement la moitié du temps, l'autre moitié, c'est pour remplir sa déclaration fiscale ^o)

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Triggering a command line on file change

1 min read

Today I was migrating a somewhat old codebase to Ruby on Rails 6.0.0. As per usual, this can be a very tidious job requiring a bunch of depencies to be updated as well. In this case, the Gemfile contains around 150 lines.

When I have to do that kind of job, the first thing I do is commenting out every single gem except for rails itself, then bundle update, then I re-add the other gems to the Gemfile.

It rarely goes smoothly, since every gem has it's own dependencies and sometime the bundle command has trouble to find a way to update everything in one go, so I usually re-add 2-5 gems at once then run bundle update on my modified Gemfile, until all the dependencies have been re-added.

The whole process of going back and forth to editing, saving, running the bundle command is somewhat exhausting, so today I decided to have a look at a more productive way to do this : the following command uses inotifywait to detect whenever I save the Gemfile then run bundle update automagically.

while inotifywait -e close_write Gemfile; do bundle update; done


Pour les images, ce n'est pas géré pour autant que je sache. Quant à ajouter un article sur Pocket, il existe un raccourci (`o`) pour ouvrir l'article courant dans le navigateur, j'imagine donc qu'une customisation est possible

2. J'utilise Newsboat ( depuis un moment, je n'ai jamais regardé en arrière. Il s'intègre très bien avec un flux externe comme Inoreader.

J'ai commencé à utiliser i3 grâce à LARBS il y a un an, mais il y a un certain nombre de petits problèmes qui commencent à serieusement m'embêter. Je suis très curieux d'avoir ton feedback sur Regolith quand tu l'auras essayé.


i3wm - Displaying Slack incoming call floating window in the current workspace

1 min read

Since I discovered i3wm (and tilling managers in general) a few months ago, i felt in love with it and I wouldn't get back to any other desktop manager.

However, since I switched to i3wm, then number of missed incoming Slack calls started to increase, mostly because :

  • Sound is muted by default on my workstation
  • Slack incoming call window was displayed on the workspace Slack is running

Thanks to Reddit, I found a solution to force this window to pop on the current workspace (the one i'm working on at any given time) instead of staying it the workspace where Slack is running.

Here's the line to add to your i3 config file :

for_window [class="Slack" floating] move container to workspace current

Source : Recommended way of handling Slack calls? on r/i3wm

. @gandi_net un domaine qui expire demain et qui n’est deja plus accessible aujourd’hui (+ boites mail effacées sans autre forme de procès) c’est normal? Que ce domaine l’auto renouvellement n’a jamais fonctionné en plus de 4 ans